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Our Customers

We have happy customers all over the world. Here you will find some of them.

Star Buffet

Tork Xpressnap® provides a neat solution for busy Star Buffet

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Sparkling Hill Resort

Sparkling Hill Resort, carved into a granite clip overlooking Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, is one of the most spectacular wellness destinations in the world.

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Royal Randwick Racecourse

After a $150 million redevelopment in 2013, Royal Randwick is now a world-class spectator, dining and entertainment facility for racing and events.

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Hillman Racing

How NASCAR drivers get ready for 200 MPH

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IKSU Sports Facility

Eliminating complaints with intelligent washrooms

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The Norwegian national skiing team

The Norwegian national skiing team would never glide so smoothly if it weren’t for these people.

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Lord of the Fries

Waste not, want not. Tork Xpressnap saves more than time at Lord of the Fries.

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Germanium Restaurant

The world beyond the glass wall

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Burnt Orange Cafe

Mosman Café delivers on high customer expectations with Tork products

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Deakin University

Tackling university demands with Tork

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CONTek IBC-Service GmbH

"Even the tiniest lint is one too many!"

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Burger Project

A project with the lot – sustainability, design and taste

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Bocuse d'Or

Bocuse d'Or: In pursuit of the winning recipe

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