Jet Air Dryers

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Jet air dryers or paper hand towels?

7 reasons to choose paper hand towel:

We don’t sell air dryers, but we do know they’re not right for everyone. Every washroom does a different job and it’s important to remember what matters most to you and your visitors - hygiene, value, comfort, sustainability or appearance? As you’re likely to be investing in your equipment for years, make sure it fits your needs.


- Multiple studies show that drying with paper towel is more hygienic than Jet air dryers
- Studies show Jet air dryers blow bacteria up to 3m across the room
- People prefer paper hand towel and many choose not to dry their hands at all if only Jet air dryers are available


- It takes only a few seconds to grab paper hand towel and walk away, servicing multiple people at a time
- Jet air dryers can only dry one person’s hands at a time
- For washrooms with high traffic, multiple Jet air dryers would need to be installed - increasing the capital cost


- Paper hand towel dispensers are quiet 
- Jet air dryers operate between 85 - 90dB which is very loud in a confined space
- 85 - 90dB is equivalent to using a lawn mower inside - lawn mower manufacturers recommend ear protection


- Jet air dryers consume electricity - in Australia, 86% of energy comes from fossil fuels or non-renewables
- Some Tork paper hand towels carry Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) outlining environmental impact over their whole lifecycle
- FSC® certified and recycled Tork options available


- Tork paper hand towel dispensers are often free on loan†, installation costs are low and with high capacity systems, refilling can be minimised
- Jet air dryers are expensive to purchase and to install
- Jet air dryer manufacturers recommend daily cleaning at a minimum - this can be an unforeseen cost


- Paper hand towel can be used for more than drying hands - wiping up spills, wiping faces, blowing noses, fixing makeup etc
- Jet air dryers can only dry hands


- Paper hand towels are recommended for use in foodservice and healthcare facilities and hospitals by industry bodies
- Jet air dryers may not be suitable for children or people with reduced physical, sensory or reasoning capabilities

To find out the best hand drying option for your business contact your Tork representative on 1800 643 634

* Observational Study conducted at Issa/Interclean Amsterdam 2016. Observing the behavior of 3.879 Visitors, in four of the washrooms at ISSA/Interclean, equipped with both Paper hand towels and Jet air dryers.

† Free dispensers provided with the Tork Advantage Program. Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply - please see or for details.

Given a choice 90% prefer paper hand towel to Jet air dryers*