Asaleo Care celebrates 10 years of FSC certification at Kawerau manufacturing facility


Asaleo Care has since maintained its FSC Chain of Custody (COC) certification and extended it to all its manufacturing sites and trading operations across Australasia. The FSC label means that forestry material used for the product has been responsibly sourced.

Forestry-based products, such as pulp, tissue, paper, and timber, represent a triple threat to sustainability. The risk of deforestation directly leads to biodiversity loss and is a major contributor to global carbon emissions, while the industries for forestry and forest products are high risk for modern slavery practices.
Today, more than 100 products across the Tork, Purex and Handee brands produced at Kawerau carry the FSC label.
 “We are proud of this achievement and our decade-long association with FSC,” said Rochelle Lake, Head of Marketing, B2B. “Pulp is our single largest raw material input, and we recognise that we have both a duty and an opportunity to promote responsible sourcing practices to help ensure that the world’s forests are looked after for generations to come. FSC is internationally recognised as the gold standard for sustainable forest management, and it allows our customers to trust that the pulp and paper we use has been legally, responsibly and sustainably sourced.”
Over the past ten years, Asaleo Care has continued to grow its association with FSC beyond certification. In 2013, Asaleo Care became a member of FSC Australia, and in 2014, was a gold sponsor for FSC Friday, a global celebration to raise awareness of the organisation’s responsible forestry principles and practices. The company also sponsored the FSC Future Generations school education program, which aimed to improve children’s understanding of sustainability.
"With FSC Friday fast approaching, it is fitting that we acknowledge and celebrate Asaleo Care's decade long commitment to responsible forestry. Asaleo Care will achieve its 10th year of FSC certification on 14 September.  The commitment Asaleo Care has demonstrated to FSC throughout the last decade has extended well beyond certification, and we congratulate the Asaleo Care team for reaching this key milestone,” said Damian Paull, CEO of FSC Australia.
Asaleo Care’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its responsible sourcing policies and manufacturing practices, to helping improve the communities in which it operates. Last month, the company began a multi-year restoration and revegetation project at the Tarawera Riverbank, which borders the Kawerau facility. The project aims to provide an important habitat for native wildlife and enhance biodiversity, while helping to prevent erosion and improve water quality.