Toilet Blockages?

Blockages can be solved with simple product solutions

Reduce blockages
- Flushing hand towels down toilets can be frustrating
- Tork flushable hand towel breaks up in water as it has no wet strength agent
- Tork flushable hand towel reduces maintenance cost and toilet closures as its less likely to block toilets when flushed
Reduce mess 
- Lining Toilet seats with toilet paper for hygiene reasons can get messy
- Tork toilet seat cleaner is a quick and safe alternative to lining toilet seats with paper
- Tork toilet seat cleaner is applied with a sheet of toilet paper and contains 30% alcohol therefore providing a sanitised surface
Reduce usage 
- Excessive toilet paper being used?
- Tork SmartOne dispenses one sheet at a time reducing the amount of toilet paper taken and flushed
- Tork SmartOne save up to 40% reduction in consumption (vs. 2 ply jumbo)
- Tork SmartOne single sheet dispensing allows for an easier flush 
For more information on Flushable Hand Towels see attached brochure OR for other washroom issues see how we can help.
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