Get Detailed

Industrial cleaning, small details can offer big opportunities

When it comes to continuous improvement, every second counts, no matter where it comes from. You can install the latest technology with the perfect factory layout. You can optimise production lines and train your workers with the best skills. But when looking at the big picture it’s easy to forget about the small but crucial details, like cleaning and maintenance. That’s why rags are a thing of the past. It’s time to break away from tradition and rags. It’s time to get detailed.

Improve your audit scores

As a supplier to other industries, customer audit scores can make or break your business. Tork industrial wipes help you improve quality and are organized in modern and convenient dispensers. This keeps the workplace tidy in accordance with 5S and creates a more professional impression for higher audit scores. A clean factory floor also boosts morale amongst managers and operators and motivates them to work and perform better. 
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Get aircrafts back in the air faster

Aircraft maintenance work is about minimizing downtime – without ever compromising on quality and safety. Technicians have sophisticated tools and many years of training to be able to care for billion-dollar equipment and the safety of thousands of lives. However, many of them are still using rags when there are modern tools available for wiping and cleaning. As a result, they lose time and service takes too long.

Performance starts with your workers

When it comes to improving performance, it’s not always easy to make operational initiatives stick in practice. Learn how to turn plans into reality by addressing the needs of your workforce and supporting them with simple and flexible wiping and cleaning products to make change that lasts.

Cleaning is caring

Maintenance is not just about caring for your machines. it’s about caring for your workers. Research shows that maintenance activities are a common source of accidents. Getting the basics right can have a big impact on your overall safety performance.

Proven productivity advantages

Today, the majority of industry manufacturing customers in Europe use rags and rentals for wiping and cleaning tasks.
Independent tests have proven that Tork exelCLEAN® cleaning cloths out-perform rags and rentals by saving time, effort and solvents used for the same task:
  • Up to 35% less time

  • Up to 41% less solvents

  • Up to 31% less effort