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Jumbo toilet paper

Are you getting what you've paid for?

Some tissue companies have recently been investigated by authorities for under supplying Jumbo toilet paper, by as much as 30%. At Tork, we are committed to quality control. We check measure regularly to ensure we are supplying correct quantities and our customers are getting what they paid for.

  • All businesses in Australia and New Zealand are required to be accurate in the measurement and quantities of products they manufacture, pack and/or sell
  • Whether the product is imported or not the onus is on the packer and seller to ensure it's correct
  • Ultimately customer are paying up to 33% more
We recommend that you should check that you're getting what you've paid for.

Four ways to check: 
  1. Manual measurement
  2. Independent testing
  3. Weight calculation
  4. Tork measurement
If you are purchasing over 100 cases per year, the cost of a short supply can really add up. There are a number of ways to check that you're getting the right amount of toilet paper on your Jumbo rolls. 

Contact us below if you are interested in having your product tested or want to find out about Tork Jumbo toilet paper.

Testing has shown that some Jumbo toilet paper has as much as 30 % less metres than stated