The insider’s guide to data-driven cleaning

Read our guide on how to put the new evolution of facility management into practice for your business. Get practical tips and insights, customer cases and benchmarks from other industries.
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What is data-driven cleaning?

When cleaning teams and their managers get real-time data about cleaning needs, the very logic for how cleaning can be done changes. Handling a complex facility like a stadium or an airport is transformed from a frustrating guessing game into a fact-based precision sport. Welcome to the era of data-driven cleaning.

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How can data-driven cleaning benefit your business?

Real-time data on actual cleaning needs makes it possible to dramatically improve cleaning operations in three important ways:

Take your teams to maximum efficiency

Knowing exactly what’s needed means no time is wasted. More time means your team can go the extra mile when cleaning. Managers can feel safe that nothing is neglected, and analyze data over time to improve planning, purchasing and logistics.

Boost your staff engagement

Your people are your most important resource. Work feels meaningful when they know that every task matters, and better control means less stress and a more balanced working situation.

Set a new standard of customer satisfaction

Data-driven cleaning enables higher quality – no more empty dispensers and untidy areas. Instead it becomes possible to eliminate complaints and radically increase customer satisfaction.


Million sq ft retail and entertainment space


Average visitors on a weekday in each washroom



487 cubicles 

417 washbasins

Data Driven Cleaning creates a world-class shopping experience

The Dubai Mall is one of the world’s largest – and grandest – malls. Pressure is constant on facility management to maintain its spotless image. The mall is now shifting to data-driven cleaning with Tork EasyCube™. We talked to Andrea Deutschbein, Facility Management Director at The Dubai Mall, about the impact of data-driven cleaning on the business:

Why is cleaning so important?

We are more than a shopping mall, we are a global attraction with millions of visitors. Everyone who visits the mall uses the bathroom at least once. Smells or untidy impressions would have an immediate effect on everyone, and even the smallest imperfection can have a huge impact on our reputation.

What were your challenges before?

Synchronizing our cleaning efforts with visitor flows did not work as well as we wanted. Even if floors and other surfaces were spotlessly cleaned, we would still often get complaints about things like empty dispensers or paper on the floor.

What have been the results from working with Tork EasyCube so far?

We are still in pilot mode but have already seen a variety of different benefits. It’s a big relief that we can act immediately if any issue arises – before it risks becoming a complaint. There hasn’t been a single complaint about empty dispensers since Tork EasyCube was installed. Thanks to the data from Tork EasyCube we can see which washrooms need attention and which don’t. This means real impact on efficiency and manpower, as it frees up time for cleaners to use elsewhere.

How has your staff reacted to data-driven cleaning?

Once you begin working with the system you can’t imagine going back to working without it. Our cleaners were already well trained and equipped before, but with the support of real-time data they can act with more confidence and precision, and their role is taken more seriously.

Stay ahead of the game with Tork EasyCube

Tork EasyCube™ is a facility management software that empowers your team with data on cleaning needs, letting them see on a tablet exactly what’s needed, when and where. The result is a whole new level of efficiency, staff engagement and customer satisfaction. Tork EasyCube is already transforming how our customers are work across both Europe, North America and Oceania.

Sensors in dispensers and visitor counters measure refill levels and visitor numbers in real time


Real-time information in an easy-to use application lets cleaners act on what’s needed, when and where


Easy analytics and instant facility overview let managers stay in control, plan and follow up with less time and effort

Practical tips when making the shift

Insights from customers who have already switched to data-driven cleaning

Evaluate challenges

What is crucial to the success of your business, and what areas need improvement? Evaluate your business to pin-point any issues you want to address.

Involve key stakeholders

Shifting to new ways of working affects all levels of your organization. Especially cleaners who will use the solution should be involved early on to secure easier implementation.

Choose the right partner

Find a credible partner with proven solutions that have had real business impact for other customers.

Request a demonstration

Make sure adequate time is dedicated to explaining the solution so that you and your teams are making full use of its potential, maximizing positive business impact.

Set specific goals

What do you want to accomplish with data-driven cleaning? Setting specific goals and prioritizing helps you focus initial efforts on what’s most important.

Support everybody in implementation

Consider who is going to use the new solution in practice. For example, you might think everybody is comfortable using smartphones and tablets, but this is not always the case. Keep a close dialogue with users to ensure they get the right support throughout implementation.