Customers notice the details; ensure your washrooms are fresh and clean. Tork can help with hygiene and more importantly with consumption control to reduce your costs.

Toilet paper

Recommended products

- Compact, high capacity system
- Ensures the first roll is completely consumed
- Reduced servicing

Tork®  Twin Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

Tork® Twin Mini Jumb...

Article : 555508

Tork Soft Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll

Tork Soft Mini Jumbo ...

Article : 2306898

Hand washing

Recommended products

- Economical with up to 150% more washes
- Quick to lather
- Reduce risk of contamination

Tork®  Foam Soap Dispenser

Tork® Foam Soap Disp...

Article : 561508

Tork Mild Foam Soap

Tork Mild Foam Soap

Article : 520501

Hand drying

Recommended products

- Reduce consumption
- Meet hygiene standards
- Make a responsible choice

Tork®  Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel / Slimline Advanced

Tork® Xpress® Multif...

Article : 148430


Recommended products

- Improve washroom image
- Ensure freshness
- Improve cleanliness
- Reduce mess

Tork Bin

Tork Bin

Article : 563008

Tork Mixed Pack Air Freshener Spray

Tork Mixed Pack Air F...

Article : 236056

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Keeping your kitchen, restaurant, bar or café hygienic and looking fresh is easier with wipers and cloths made for the job. From front-of-house wiping to back-of-house cleaning, our purpose-made wipers and cloths can help you quickly tackle any task with confidence. Our recommendations


Making the right impression while caring for your customers and colleagues is easy with our high-quality washroom range. All recommendations are organised so your business needs come first. Our tried and tested combinations give you an easy choice. We have divided our recommendations as follow: Our recommendations


Deliver the impression and ambience you aspire to with napkins and napkin dispenser combinations that complete your theme. Whether you're serving quick snacks, just drinks or five-course meals, we can save you time and money with products that deliver the quality, efficiency and functionality that you need. Our recommendations