The kitchen is the engine room. Tork has products to suit the hygiene critical nature of the kitchen and solutions that can improve staff efficiency.

Hand towel

Recommended products

- Lower consumption with one-at-a-time dispensing

- Improve hygiene with HACCP endorsed blue hand towel

- Meet hygiene standards with single towels as recommended by ANZFSC

- Easy handling with tork Carry Packs that are easy to carry and reduce packaging waste by 84%

- Two dispenser sizes to suit your needs in black or white

Hand soap

Recommended products

- Economical with 150% more doses than a standard liquid soap

- Improve hygiene with sealed cartridges and antimicrobial soap that has proven efficacy against bacteria, virus, and yeast

- Easy to use with quick three second loading

- Available in black or white

Tork Liquid and Spray Soap Dispenser

Tork Liquid and Spray...

Article : 560000

Tork Antimicrobial Foam Soap

Tork Antimicrobial Fo...

Article : 520801


Recommended products

- Remain food safe with blue HACCP endorsed and ISEGA certified wipers

- Reduce labour costs with high capacity dispensers that require refilling less often

- Improve hygiene with a touch-free dispenser as you only touch the towel you use

Tork Centrefeed Dispenser

Tork Centrefeed Dispe...

Article : 559030

Tork Basic Paper

Tork Basic Paper

Article : 2198859

Tea towel replacements

Recommended products

- Improve hygiene with disposable cloths that help reduce the risk of cross contamination compared to tea towels

- Improve safety as cloths insulate from heat and cold, withstanding temperatures of up to 200°C when used correctly

- Remain food safe with HACCP endorsed and ISEGA certified cloths

Tork Folded Wiper/Cloth Dispenser

Tork Folded Wiper/Clo...

Article : 654000

Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth

Tork Heavy-Duty Clean...

Article : 530177

Cleaning cloths

Recommended products

- Help reduce cross contamination in food prep areas with colour coded cloths that are HACCP endorsed

- Reduce consumption due to excellent strength and absorbency

Tork Blue Heavy-Duty Colour Coded Cleaning Cloth

Tork Blue Heavy-Duty ...

Article : 297402

Tork Blue Colour Coded Cleaning Cloth

Tork Blue Colour Code...

Article : 297401

Accessories - Bins

Recommended products

- Coordinated look is finished off with the large 50L bin in black or white

Tork 50L Bin

Tork 50L Bin

Article : 563000

Tork 50L Bin

Tork 50L Bin

Article : 563008

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Deliver the impression and ambience you aspire to with napkins and napkin dispenser combinations that complete your theme. Whether you're serving quick snacks, just drinks or five-course meals, we can save you time and money with products that deliver the quality, efficiency and functionality that you need. Our recommendations


Keeping your kitchen, restaurant, bar or café hygienic and looking fresh is easier with wipers and cloths made for the job. From front-of-house wiping to back-of-house cleaning, our purpose-made wipers and cloths can help you quickly tackle any task with confidence. Our recommendations
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Wiping & Cleaning

Keep up to speed during your daily tasks with durable and hygienic cloths and dispensers when you want to wipe up that oil spill or give a finishing touch. We have what you need, when you need it. So you can focus on what's most important to you.