Peter van den Dungen is the Owner of McDonald’s in Tilburg Piusplein.

Before we installed Tork SmartFresh™, we often faced problems with clogged toilets. I was looking for a solution for these blockages and for flushing problems. Tork SmartFresh™ solves these problems almost entirely.

Tork SmartFresh looks appealing
The most important characteristic of Tork SmartFresh is its visual appeal. In my opinion, when people
see that attention has been paid to the toilet, they are convinced that the rest of the restaurant is also
clean. And if the toilet looks neat when they enter they keep it clean. Paper and water often used to be
strewn across the floor, but this has changed. That’s a significant advantage.
No more blocked toilets
We often had problems with flushing, leading to blocked toilets. Tork SmartFresh solves these
problems almost entirely.
Digital screens are a commercial benefit
We’d like to display our own McDonald’s advertising on the digital screens integrated into the Tork
SmartFresh toilets. I hope this will encourage people who come in only to use the washroom to
consider buying a hamburger or ice cream. I could also let other companies advertise on the screens.
Toilets are part of the overall customer experience
I have spent much more time thinking about washrooms thanks to the positive experiences my
customers have had with the Tork SmartFresh system! I now see these more and more as a sort
of attraction. The washroom is part of the total experience you offer your customers, alongside the
products and the staff. Now our Tork SmartFresh toilets are an important part of that experience.
In Tilburg, we are known as having the best free toilets. I am proud of that fact, and want to keep it
that way.

The most important characteristic of the Tork SmartFresh™ toilet is its visual appeal. It looks appealing and polished.

Peter van den Dungen

Owner McDonald’s, Tilburg Piusplein