One test everyone was ready to take

Childish pranks inspire weeks of testing. Students, teachers, administrators and custodians ready for change.

Test passed with flying colours: The primary school in Wiehl and the school centre in Bielstein have equipped their school toilets with Tork SmartOne® toilet paper systems.
Poor hygiene conditions are certainly not unheard of in schools. Defaced toilet cubicles, blocked pipes and discarded paper towels cause headaches for many. Toilets clogged with toilet paper and overflowing were part of daily life at both the secondary school and the local primary school in Wiehl—to the extent that the children ended up having to collect toilet paper personally from the caretaker. The school’s management decided that this simply could not go on, so they tested Tork SmartOne® systems as an alternative to conventional toilet roll dispensers. Its fully-sealed housing puts an end to childish pranks as the paper stays safely locked inside. Not only is this hygienic, economical and an obstacle to vandalism, it also cuts paper usage by up to 40% compared to conventional dispenser systems. The children can only take one sheet out at a time. This makes it significantly more difficult to deliberately block the toilet and prevents the toilet paper from unwinding excessively. The schools were so impressed by the vandal-proof and economical dispensers in the test that they equipped all their washrooms with products from the Tork range. In addition to the SmartOne® toilet paper dispensers, the schools are also using Tork Matic® towel roll dispensers and Tork liquid soap dispensers.
A system that has many advantages
“The refit has been beneficial for the pupils and the schools alike,” say the schools’ management teams. “The sealed dispensers mean we can now restock the school toilets with supplies without the risk of the rolls ending up in the toilets again. This also makes it altogether more civilised for pupils to go to the loo again”. The decision was also influenced by the considerable savings that could be made on supplies and by the improved hygiene and cleanliness. The towel and soap dispensers tested were able to win on these counts, too. The Tork Matic® towel roll dispenser scored for hygienically and economically issuing single sheets, while the selected Tork soap dispenser for liquid soap stood out for its sturdy design and high capacity. In summary: The refit reduces vandalism and costs while improving hygiene and satisfaction for everyone involved, from pupils and school management to caretakers and cleaners whose work is made noticeably easier by these new systems.
1 Figures based on internal research in European countries on 7729 visitors. Standard Lotus Professional® Maxi Jumbo compared to SmartOne® Mini double roll dispenser. Reduction calculated on square metres used.

The sealed dispensers mean we can now restock the school toilets with supplies without the risk of the rolls ending up in the toilets again.

Wiehl Primary School, Weihl, Germany


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