Tork Cleaning Cloth with exelCLEAN.jpg

New generation exelCLEAN® cleaning cloths

Tork Cleaning Cloths with exelCLEAN® have been upgraded to enable you to increase cleaning efficiency and improve productivity.

To ensure a workplace is operating to full capacity, the right tools and processes should be in place. This is where the Tork range of cleaning cloths with exelCLEAN® come in, which are designed to improve performance.

To make these products even better, Tork has enhanced the range of non-woven wiping and cleaning cloths which have a range of benefits. These include:

  • Improved durability - Tork Cleaning Cloths are produced using our patented endless fibre technology called exelCLEAN®, which improves high-performance durability and cleaning performance.
  • Compressed packs - Our new folded cloth packs have been compressed to reduce valuable storage and space by up to 26%. Two packs can now be loaded at once into W4 dispensers, reducing maintenance and refilling.
  • Lower carbon footprint - To help reduce your overall environmental impact, our new product, packaging and process improvements contribute to a 14% lower carbon footprint (on average) for the Tork exelCLEAN® range.