Tork Better World Program

Now you can share your environmentally responsible and sustainable washroom, napkin and wiper choices with your customers and staff.

Tork better world material

Posters and AD-a-Glance panels explain how the products you have chosen are manufactured responsibly and how that makes a difference to the world. Messages include renewable energy, the use of geothermal steam, waste reduction, responsible forestry and ethical supply and more. Eye-catching, tastefully produced material of interest to the viewer. Posters for toilet doors and walls highlight the sustainable washroom products being used. AD-a-Glance POS panels also available for Tork Xpressnap® napkin dispensers

Tork better world social media posts

Eye catching and visually pleasing Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn posts for you to share with your followers to explain how your business is working towards a better world.

Tork better world sustainability reports

Receive reports based on the products you have selected and your usage. Along with accompanying Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and third party accreditations. For peace of mind and validation of claims, to share with staff, partners and investors or interested parties and to share with your customers so they understand the efforts you are making. Please contact us for eligibility.

If you are an existing Tork customer, you may be eligible to join the Tork better world program which promotes your sustainable product choices. Complete the form and our team will reach out to you regarding access to exclusive content to help you share your sustainability efforts with your staff and customers.


Tork Better World Program

Keeps your staff and customers informed