Providing a consistently healthy and hygienic work environment is key to employee satisfaction, well-being and productivity. Today, when hygiene is more important than ever, this is a top priority. As a facility manager you want to deliver a seamless experience, resulting in no complaints. But staying in control of operations is challenging and improving operations under constant cost pressure is even harder.

Many companies are transitioning towards more flexible workplaces where employees move dynamically through the office landscape. This puts new, even higher demands on facility managers like yourself and your cleaning staff. To consistently maintain a healthy and clean workplace for your employees, you need efficient systems and smarter ways of working.

Our service offering with data-driven cleaning and products that are easy to use and don’t easily run out, allows you to improve cleaning quality as well as operational efficiency. It empowers you to assume control, manage the unpredictable and provide a healthy visitor experience with reduced climate impact.

Secure the safe return

Different businesses have different hygiene and cleaning needs. Download your relevant industry Tork Hygiene Toolkit below that can help support your business in creating a safer work environment and show you care about the health and well-being of your staff and customers.
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