Children will playfully learn how to thoroughly wash and dry their hands, what microbes are, and much more.

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Due to the coronavirus, we are receiving an influx of enquiries and increased demand. We are taking actions to manage our supply chain as fairly as possible and are prioritising the needs of our existing customers.  At this point in time, we apologise that we are unable to take enquiries for any new business and will advise once the situation changes.


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Regardless if you are in a small office or a big office building, Tork offers what you need. We all spend a lot of our time at the work place so we know that hygiene at work is crucial. Good hygiene at work shows that you care for your employees. It also supports having less sick days. Our offer ranges from what you need for an excellent washroom to practical solutions for the coffee corner. Should you have inhouse catering we can help your hygiene ambitions there also.

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Provide a fresh, clean and comfortable stay for your guests every day. Our personal hygiene, surface cleaning and sanitizing products can help your team quickly take care of the cleaning details so you'll have more time to make your guests feel at home.

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