Good hygiene is good for business

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Tork and Hygiene

People want to know they’re staying, eating or working in a safe and clean environment. And businesses want to know they’ve done all they can to cut the risk of disruption from absence. But good hygiene is a joint effort that depends on colleagues and customers getting into the habit of effective hand washing. 

We’re here to help. We can help put together the best combination of our products to make hand hygiene easier for everyone in your workplace. So you can give your guests greater confidence, reassure your colleagues about washroom cleanliness, or cut cross-contamination in critical environments.

Improving everyday hygiene

A clean, functioning washroom gives a good impression of your business and reassures everyone that they’re in a hygienic and safe place. 

Tork soaps, towels and dispensers support effective hand washing that’s gentle on skin, while cutting down waste and maintenance time. Learnings from tests and focus groups in nurseries has inspired us to the development of Ella’s Hand Washing School – consisting of, for example, a children’s app to encourage regular hand washing routines. The material has been facts checked by the Department of Communicable Disease Control (Västra Götaland, Sweden)

Ask us about how we can help to establish better habits in your washrooms, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Meeting hygiene critical standards

If you work in healthcare, food production or hospitality, your colleagues need to meet tougher standards of hand hygiene. 
Busy people know regular hand washing is important, but it's easily forgotten. We’ve learned through observation how people use hygiene-critical work spaces. So we can help you to place dispensers in the most visible places, creating convenient reminders during everyday tasks. 

1 in 2 people

wish their employer would pay more attention to their restrooms (Hygiene Matters, SCA Consumer Study 2014)