Purpose built for food processing

We understand how critical hygiene compliance and productivity is in food manufacturing. That's why you need dispensers and hygiene solutions you can rely on. From food contact safe cloths, hand towels, skincare and a wide range of dispensing solutions, our purpose-built suite of products address today’s food processing challenges, helping you meet stringent regulatory requirements while driving high productivity and efficiency.
The new innovative Tork Washstation is a durable water-resistant, high-capacity dispenser purpose built for wet environments, designed to help reduce risks and increase operational efficiencies. It offers high-capacity hygienic dispensing for fewer run-outs and keeps refills safe and hygienic with no need for removal or cover up during spray-downs, reducing waste and saving labour time. 
The HACCP FZP certified blue paper (hand towel) with stands high humidity for efficient wiping and offers traceability in food materials, improving safety of production. 

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Purpose-built for food processing environments

Purpose-built for food processing environments

High capacity Tork Washstation System ensures paper hand towels are always available for handwashing. Its durable, water-resistant design keeps refills protected during spray downs, this also means the dispenser doesn’t need to be covered or removed during cleaning, boosting efficiency.

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