Make the safer choice, switch to paper towel

Make the safer choice, switch to paper towel

Secure the new normal in hygiene by changing to paper hand towels as an alternative to air dryers.

Get ready for the new normal with Tork

Demands on creating safe hygiene solutions in public spaces are higher than ever before. 81% of end-users have increased expectations on public washrooms to provide a safe environment, and a majority go as far to say that facilities with unhygienic washrooms make them feel unsafe. With over 50 years of professional hygiene experience, Tork has the knowledge and products needed to help you get ready for the new normal in hygiene.
 safe hygienic experience

Ensure your staff and guests a safe hygienic experience

End-users are now more aware of the health risks of insufficient hygiene, putting pressure on public restrooms to meet demands. Compared to paper hand towels, jet air dryers produce more airborne droplets*, increasing the risk of bacteria spread. As many as 43% feel unsafe entering washrooms with air dryers. Don’t blow it and create a more hygienic experience by changing to a Tork paper hand towel solution.

Don’t blow it! Make the safer choice and switch to Tork paper hand towels.

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